RESIDENTS on a Selkirk estate have been left dodging mounds of earth this week following a squabble over pavement responsibility.

Around a dozen trees were cut down along Bannerfield Drive earlier this month by Scottish Borders Housing Association.

And the stumps were pulled up this week by the local authority.

But a stand-off between the two organisations over who should repair the pavements is ongoing.

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar said: “Now the trees have been cut down the pavements need repaired.

“There is a discussion ongoing about who is responsible for the pavements.”

While the local authority is responsible for the roads in the scheme and the housing association own the vast majority of properties, responsibility for certain communal areas is a grey area.

Scottish Borders Housing Association has invested £60,000 on environmental improvements in Bannerfield over the past two years.

And they regularly hold tenants walkabouts to identify other areas that need attention.

The Housing Association believes the repairs are down to the council.

A spokeswoman said: "In agreement with our colleagues at Scottish Borders Council, SBHA has cut down trees on Bannerfield Drive, to facilitate SBC’s maintenance of the footpaths going forward."