VOLUNTEERS could be drafted in to help cops combat speeding in Galashiels.

At Wednesday’s meeting of the town’s community council, PC Jamie Entwistle said the force is looking at a number of ways to clamp down on inconsiderate driving. And one of the suggestions is to get members of the public to carry out their own speed checks.

PC Entwistle said: “Over the last month there were 12 reports of antisocial driving in Galashiels. On three occasions we were able to issue warnings.

“The antisocial driving warnings are a really useful.

“The legislation means if we catch the driver committing another offence, we have more power and can take their car off them for example.

“We are also looking at introducing a scheme which would see volunteers carrying out speed checks in the area.

“This is something that happens quite a bit in England, but not so much in Scotland.

“The scheme would see three volunteers monitor each check point and the information would be passed on to one of the officers in the area.”

During the meeting, community councillors told PC Entwistle there is a continuing problem of inconsiderate driving in the Tesco supermarket car park.

Tom Ingoldsby said: “The boy racers seem to have returned to Tesco on an evening.

“I know PC James Harrison was doing work on the issue for a while and the situation seemed to improve. But now they seem to be back regularly.”

PC Entwistle replied: “I will speak to the traffic sergeant and see what else we can do regarding the problem.

“I will see if we can get something done more regularly.

“We are doing a lot of work with the PSYV (Police Scotland Youth Volunteers) to help improve road safety in the area.

“And one of the other things we are doing is working with youngsters to encourage safe driving and cycling.”