A PLEA is being made to residents in Innerleithen, Walkerburn and Traquair after heavy rain caused devastation to the Thondwe community they are twinned with in Malawi.

Although no-one was killed or injured by the natural disaster, it has left many families homeless.

An appeal has already been launched by local twinning leaders to help the Thondwe community rebuild their houses that were destroyed.

The fundraiser which has been posted on the social media site Innerleithen Online is gathering pace reaching £345 of the £500 target.

The local churches have provided emergency funding but say they would appeal to the kind-hearted Innerleithen communities to help rebuild homes and lives.

Twinning committee member Denis Robson, stressed that he didn’t want this appeal to stop people contributing to the massive crisis impacting Mozambique.

He added: “Any small donation will help families in Thondwe that have lost so much. £500 which will be matched will buy the materials to repair the houses.

“Everyone in Thondwe has come together to help neighbours in the aftermath of the heavy rains that hit Southern Malawi over several days.

“We have been impressed with the spirit of this supportive community and thank the friends in Tweeddale for their contribution to their recovery work."