A TOTAL of 74 bags of rubbish were collected, as well as a trampoline, during Saturday's spring clean in Galashiels.

The tidy up, which was organised by community councillor Liz Jardine, attracted more than 40 volunteers.

During the two hour pick-up, between 10am and noon, several areas around the town and along the banks of the Gala Water were targeted.

Joining the volunteers was local MP John Lamont.

He told us: "It was fantastic to see so many people turn up for the Galashiels Spring Clean.

“Well done to Liz Jardine and the team at the Community Council for organising and making sure everyone had the equipment they need.

“The spring clean was a success in terms of the amount of rubbish picked up, but it also sends out a strong message that the community won’t tolerate littering.”

The collected rubbish, which included 37 discarded tree supports and even a garden pergola, weighed in at 370 kilogrammes.

Liz's son, councillor Euan Jardine, was delighted the tidy up.

He added: "Thank you to everyone that got involved in the spring clean.

"It’s was great to see so many different parts of the community come together for one common goal.

“I think Galashiels is a beautiful town and it really is a shame when people do not think of the consequences of their littering.

“However, the volunteers on Saturday really showed that when people work together we can really make a difference to the town we live in.”