BEING dazzled by the sun is now a thing of the past thanks to new light adapting sunglasses from Borders business.

KomodoPro sunglasses can adapt to the sun’s rays in less than a second and are being targeted at game shooters as an essential piece of kit.

Mick and Anna Bell are currently in their second year of selling the sunglasses.

The couple currently live in the Ettrick Valley after moving up from London to escape the corporate world.

They now run three businesses, the most notable of which is Bloke Fly Rods, which reach customers worldwide from their office in Selkirk.

Mick and Anna have attended various trade shows across the UK to promote KomodoPro and have sold out at each one in the last 12 months.

The Scottish Game Fair, held at Scone Palace, was the most successful show for the pair in 2018.

The fair was held over three days, but by 4pm on the first day the KomodoPro dhelf was emptied and a hunt for more stock took place.

The next event the couple will be attending is the Northern Shooting Show in Harrogate on May 11 and 12, where they intend to continue their success from the past year.

Currently they have exclusive UK distribution for the Japanese innovation, which retail at £185 per pair.

Mick Bell told us: “KomodoPro is a revolutionary new product which is perfect for game shooting.

“What makes the sunglasses unique is that they are so fast they make a stepless change between light and dark.

"You can’t see it happening.

“Last year was great for us and now we are predicting more success in the coming year."

Standard photochromic sunglasses take up to 30 seconds to adapt to light compared to KomodoPro which take an astonishing one-tenth of a second, making them stand out against competitors.

The sunglasses use a solar powered sensor to detect the level of UV light.

And each lens has a wire and a microchip that assesses how much UV inflection is taken in by the sunglasses.

For more information on KomodoPro you can visit