ELDERLY residents at a Galashiels housing complex are looking forward to trouble-free jaunts to the shops once more.

Cracks and uneven surfaces on stretches of pavement leading to and from Abbotsford Court have led to four residents being hospitalised due to falls.

And many have stopped making independent trips to the shops in case of further falls.

Despite complaints regularly being made to Scottish Borders Council in the past, the pavement has remained dangerous.

But now the trip hazards, which caused the fractures and sprains, are due to be fixed by the local authority.

Betty Scott, secretary of the Abbotsford Court Tenants’ Association, said “We have been reporting this issue for several years but nothing has been done.

“Some residents use walking aids and others have no vision.

"Four residents have been hospitalised in the past few years due to falling on the pavement.

“It is the only access to stores like Tesco and also the main way to get into the rest of town."

Abbotsford Court is one of the most popular sheltered housing complexes in Galashiels.

But the joy of living in the Albert Place apartments has been soured.

Mrs Scott added: "We have been starting to feel like prisoners in our own homes, due to being scared to go on to the road.

"We appreciate any help Scottish Borders Council can offer.”

Local councillor Euan Jardine made the case for the residents to the local authority.

And he confirmed this week that repairs to the pavements and nearby road crossing have been scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.

He said: “I am delighted to get a resolution for the residents of Abbostford Court, who have had to endure this for too long.

“Nobody should feel afraid to walk the street due to concerns with the pavement.

"I’m not sure why this wasn’t sorted before, but I’d like to thank the council for such a swift response and hopefully the pavement will be repaired as soon as possible.

"The crossing will be improved as well so there are no issues for pedestrians using walkers.”