A HUSBAND and wife have been accused of stalking a couple in a Borders village.

Katherine Ramsay, who is 57, and 72-year-old Gordon Ramsay are also charged with stealing five metres of dry stane dyke and 17.8 square metres of land at Glebefoot Cottage in Roberton near Hawick, between July 2016, and February 2017.

They are also said to have engaged in a course of conduct likely to cause a named man and woman fear and alarm by making false allegations about them to the police, enter the curtilage of Glebefoot Cottage without permission, film and photograph their property and visitors to the address, and stare at them and visitors to the address.

This is said to have happened between February 2 and October 21.

Katherine Ramsay of Dalkeith House, Roberton, and Gordon Ramsay of Catherine's Court, Hawick, pleaded not guilty at Jedburgh Sheriff Court to both the theft and stalking charges.

The trial had been due to go ahead on Thursday but defence lawyer Stephanie Clinkscale said there were concerns about the fitness of Mr Ramsay to stand trial and asked for an adjournment to await a doctor's report.

Sheriff Peter Paterson said it was not an acceptable excuse without a sole of conscience letter from a doctor but adjourned the trial date to June 25. An intermediate hearing will take place on June 10.