SCOTLAND'S oldest woman has died at the age of 109.

Annie Lean was born in Midlothian on November 3, 1909.

It was on her retirement from full-time working almost 50 years ago that Annie and her mechanic husband Tommy moved to Galashiels.

They operated a bed-and-breakfast in the town for many years and Annie even learned to swim at the age of 74.

Annie grew up in the small village of Fushiebridge, where there was no electricity or sewage system.

Water had to be drawn from a well opposite the family home that Annie shared with her younger sister, three brothers and her parents.

Her father worked at sea before returning to the mainland to work as a miner, but broke his back and had to wear a metal support for the rest of his life.

Annie's mother, a midwife, delivered 92 babies during her career, proudly losing none.

The family moved to another village, Temple, Midlothian, and after leaving school, Annie took up a job as a 'home help' for a doctor and his wife in Trinity.

She later worked as a silver table maid with shipping company Salveson, and as a shop worker in Edinburgh.

In 1932, Annie married garage mechanic Tommy Lean, an active Labour supporter who would go on to become a provost.

Annie supported him by going out canvassing.

They had a daughter, Evelyn, and three sons, Tom and the late Jim and John.

Speaking at his mother's birthday in November, Tom said: "Mum was always out canvassing for Labour votes when elections were coming up.

"She was very active all her life and she was still driving until she was 90 when she was registered blind."

The couple moved to Gala in the 1970s where they ran a guest house until retiring to a bungalow in Newtongrange.

During her time in Galashiels Annie completed a marathon despite being in her 70s.

Tommy died in 1990.

Annie moved into a residential home in Dalkeith at the age of 99 - where she lived until her death on April 19 at the age of 109 years, 167 days.

At the age of 74, Anne learned to swim and eventually completed a marathon over several days.

She died peacefully on April 19 at Archview Lodge care home in Dalkeith, Midlothian.