AS the dread of sitting exams sets in, it can naturally lead to anxiety and stress. But schoolchildren in Peeblesshire are now being given the chance to escape.

Many students will no doubt be feeling the pressure with exams looming and trying to cram in as much revision as possible, the clock is ticking and the nerves are becoming overwhelming. But what can you do?

Put down the energy drink that’s keeping you awake and enjoy some chill time at Space 108 with meditation, mindfulness and yoga teacher Suzi Gibson.

The meditation expert is no stranger to helping young pupils ease the daily stress in their lives. She offers relaxation classes as part of Health Week at Peebles High School.

With high school aged children of her own, Suzi recognised there was a need to help youngsters, particularly S3-S6 pupils during exam time.

Pupils from Peebles High School can leave their stationery and revision notes safely on their desks at home, grab a cushion and a lavender eye pillow at Suzi’s Peebles-based studio and let all their troubles drift away.

Speaking to the Peeblesshire News about the Chill Zone classes on offer, Suzi said: “The hour class will be an opportunity to relax using breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation techniques.

“When we are stressed the body is in flight or fight mode. We are not designed to be in this state for long periods of time as it affects our mental, emotional and physical health. Returning to a resting state is key for wellbeing.”

During the one-hour session, students will be guided through meditation by Suzi. “It’s time to switch off completely with no distractions and absolutely no demands on you other than to relax as best you can,” said Suzi. “For some this can be challenging as being fully relaxed isn’t something we are all accustomed to, but with practice we can learn to be more relaxed.

“I hope that after experiencing a rest, a seed will be planted and our young people become more aware of the importance of listening to their body and mind and providing themselves with rest when needed.”

The battery life on the mobile phones of teenagers are often drained but so are their minds and bodies, and with exams just around the corner, Peeblesshire’s Princess of Peace is hoping pupils will join her to relax and recharge.

Classes take place at Suzi Gibson’s Wellness Studio at Space 108 from 7-8pm, Sunday, May 5 and12. You can book a place via Facebook or for more information email