THE family of Selkirk singer Scott Hutchison are marking the anniversary of his death with the launch of a mental health charity.

Tiny Changes, taken from one of Scott's lyrics, will support efforts to improve mental health in children and young people.

Although hugely successful with his band Frightened Rabbit and several solo projects, Scott had battled depression for many years before finally taking his own life during the early hours of May 9 last year, aged just 36.

Scott's parents, Ron and Marion, along with his brothers, Neil and Grant, launched Tiny Changes this week.

In a statement, the Hutchison family said: "Our beloved brother and son Scott Hutchison was born in Edinburgh in 1981.

"He took his own life in Queensferry in 2018.

"In those 36 and a half years, Scott's impact was far reaching and felt by many people.

"Through his music and art he made many thousands of tiny changes and encouraged other people around the world to do the same.

"The honesty of his lyrics and openness about his own mental health inspired people in all walks of life.

"It is a legacy that should be continued and nourished."

Scott, along with brother Grant and fellow Frightened Rabbit member Billy Kennedy, grew up in Selkirk playing in several bands.

It was only after Scott relocated to Glasgow to study illustration at the School of Art that Frightened Rabbit was formed and both Grant and Billy followed him along the M8.

They went onto release five hugely successful albums and gained a huge fan base around the world, particularly at home and in America.

Since Scott's death there has been a huge outpouring of grief with tributes performed by some of the biggest names in indie and alt-folk music.

Scott's story has also inspired many to openly talk about their own mental health issues.

And it is hoped that inspiration will continue with Tiny Changes.

The family statement said: "Whether they knew him personally, through his music and art, or through the interviews he gave on deeply personal matters, so many people have been profoundly affected by Scott’s life.

"Mental health, and young people’s mental health in particular, was a cause close to Scott’s heart.

"He often spoke openly of his own struggles as an anxious child, even naming his band Frightened Rabbit after a nickname given to him by his Mum.

"Tragically, the weight of his ill health became too great for him to carry as an adult.

"We want to continue the legacy that Scott built. To channel the energy he generated in people all over the world into positive action on mental health among young people and to make tiny changes to Earth.”

The objectives of Tiny Changes are to raise awareness about children and young people’s mental health issues, to advance understanding of the root causes of mental ill health, to support and promote initiatives that provide help to children and young people impacted by mental health problems, and to influence mental health policy and practice.

Statistics show that one-in-five adolescents are affected by mental health issues.

The Hutchison family statement added: “The charity has at its heart a passion for changing how young people in Scotland are affected by mental health issues.

"We want to see a Scotland where young people are listened to when they talk about their mental health.

"Where young people can access the support they need, when they need it.

"A country where young people are feeling better, not worse. And where youth mental health issues do not prevent people from fulfilling their potential as adults.”