A 34-year-old man has been accused of being abusive to wedding guests at a local hotel.

Andrew O'Connor is alleged to have behaved in a threatening or abusive manner at the Clovenfords Hotel and at Hawick Police Station on April 5.

It is claimed he was shouting and swearing and making abusive comments to wedding guests and police officers, refusing to leave the premises when requested to do so, struggle violently with others and threaten violence to police officers.

O'Connor of Church Place, Galashiels, is said to have repeatedly kicked the interior of a police vehicle and struck the walls of a custody cell.

He also pleaded not guilty to a second charge of struggling violently with two female constables in Vine Street, Clovenfords, failing to give his name and address when requested by police, struggling violently with four constables at Hawick Police Station and throwing a cup of water over a constable.

O'Connor has denied all five charges and a trial date was set for Selkirk Sheriff Court on July 18 with an intermediate hearing on July 1.