MENTAL health was put in the frame last weekend at the Eastgate Theatre as the artwork of a Peebles girl who took her own life was turned into a dramatic stage show.

Evie Douglas was a talented dancer and artist

Despite having the potential for greatness on the stage, the former Peebles High pupil struggled with depression.

And in November, 2014, just weeks after her 21st birthday she committed suicide.

Evie's mum Freda has campaigned and fundraised ever since - which has included setting up the Inspiring Life: Evie Douglas Memorial Fund - in an effort to make it easier for other young people to talk about mental health issues.

Saturday's show at the Eastgate, Artistic Adventure, was one of the most moving reminders since Evie's death of the mental health struggles she faced.

Sara Boles, who was a dance mentor for Evie, choreographed the movements while Robbie Tatler produced a powerful score.

And all of the inspiration for both came from Evie's artwork.

Freda told us: "Artistic Adventure was in one way very upsetting but in another made me feel very proud.

"I showed Robbie and Sara Evie's artwork and they took it from there.

"I could feel Evie's energy throughout the performances - I recognised so much much of Evie in the dance movements and the music.

"It was an amazing evening and anyone who was watching would have picked up on the struggles Evie went through."

Talented young members from Stride Young Dance Company all emerged through a picture frame to perform movements inspired by Evie.

And they withdrew back through the same frame once their show was over.

The symbolism wasn't just restricted to the choreography as Tatler's resounding score, played brilliantly by musicians from Nomad Beat, leapt from the darkness only to eventually be consumed once more in darker rhythms.

Freda added: "I don't think anyone would believe me if I said that the dancers had only done their first rehearsal in the morning of the performance.

"The entire performance was exceptional and we were so lucky to have such talented people doing this project."

Anyone who missed Saturday's performance of Artistic Adventure will have another chance to witnesses the skills of the Stride Young Dance Company.

The dancers will perform during a day of Inspiring Life workshops to be held at the Eastgate Theatre on Saturday, June 1.

The free workshops will also include classes in drama, singing and literature as well as providing an opportunity to discuss mental health issues.

Throughout the same Saturday Evie Douglas's artwork will be on display within the Eastgate Gallery along with work by current art pupils at Peebles High School.