FRUSTRATED councillor Euan Jardine is calling for vandals and litter-louts to give Gala Policies a break.

Despite regular clean-ups of the popular woodlands, rubbish is still regularly dumped in and around the pathways.

And the local authority has given up replacing bins after they were regularly set on fire.

Councillor Jardine told us: "I was approached a couple months ago to help solve an issue of litter being left in the Balmoral Road entrance to the policies.

“With help from the neighbourhood’s team at Scottish Borders Council we were able to clear up the litter that had been left.

“We cleaned the area but soon after more cans and bottles arrived alongside other items such as poo bags.

"I asked for a site visit from the council who stated that a bin used to be in the area but it was repeatedly burnt out so they couldn’t keep placing one there.”

The appeal comes just weeks after a massive clean-up in Galashiels, organised by Councillor Jardine's mum, Liz, removed 370kg of litter around the town.

During the two-hour pickup 40 volunteers targeted several areas.

Councillor Jardine hopes the need for clean-ups can come to an end.

He added: "I am working with the council to try and resolve this issue but I do hope that whoever is dropping the rubbish can stop and think twice before doing so.

"These policies are a wonderful asset to Galashiels and it is disappointing to see them used in this manner.”

Local living around the Policies fear that littering will escalate.

Jim Moir said: “This area badly needs a good clean out and if not cleaned out properly, it will continue to be a dumping ground.”