A UNIVERSITY student who admitted driving while almost four and a half times the legal alcohol limit has been banned from the road for 40 months at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Tammy Strafford of Bridge Street, Galashiels, already had a previous conviction for drink driving in 2017 which meant she would be disqualified for a minimum of three years.

The 26-year-old pleaded guilty to driving with a breath/alcohol count of 97 microgrammes - the legal limit being 22 - on the B710 Clovenfords to Bowland road on Sunday, April 14.

Defence lawyer Ross Dow explained that his client had fallen out with her partner on the night of the offence and had spent "a couple of difficult nights in custody".

Sheriff Robert Vaughan said that in addition to the 40-months disqualification, he would defer sentence until August 12.

He also certified her for the Drink Drivers Rehabilitation Scheme which if completed at her own expense would reduce the length of the ban by 25 per cent.