A RAPIST police sergeant from the Borders is set for release from prison this week.

And he could be allowed to return to the towns where he committed his crimes.

Kevin Storey is expected to be freed this week after serving half of his nine-year sentence behind bars.

The 52-year-old from Melrose was initially sentenced to 12 years at the High Court in Edinburgh in 2014 after being found guilty of eight charges, including rape, attempted rape and indecent assault, against three women.

But the sentence was reduced to nine years by Judges at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh the following year.

It is understood that the former sergeant, who served as a policeman for 28 years, has requested that he is allowed to return to the Borders.

Storey assaulted his first victim at a house in Galashiels in 1989. She was grabbed by the body and pushed out of a house, then seized by the neck.

A second woman was assaulted in the Borders during the 1990s as Storey attempted to rape her.

And a third woman, also in the Borders, was subjected to abuse and violence over a period of time, including rape and indecent assault.

One of his victims has appealed to the Parole Board to prevent him returning to the region.

She said: "It's a disgrace, I'm horrified by the decision to allow him back into the community."

Further concerns have been raised over an alleged police cover-up while Storey was a serving sergeant in the Borders.

Two separate inquiries have focused on why top officers allegedly declined to suspend Storey despite complaints by a female constable and others about his violent behaviour.

The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner submitted its findings last year to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

Their report concluded that criminal charges should be brought against a superintendent, a chief inspector and a sergeant.

Findings from a second independent investigation by Merseyside Constabulary into officers who worked with Storey are due to be submitted next month.

The victim added: "I don't think he can be safely monitored given his history with some of the officers in the division - the people of the Borders aren't safe!

"What assurance can Police Scotland give that they can rely on an impartial response if Storey is involved in an incident and local police are called to intervene?"

The Parole Board for Scotland does not comment on individual cases.