ART lovers will soon have the opportunity to enjoy the work of talented Borders artist Linda Foster.

Her new exhibition of watercolours will open in the Pringle Room at Old Gala House later this summer.

Linda has a passion for watercolour and water-based media.

She explained: “I moved to this area four years ago and decided to invest in a studio, which looks out over to the sea. Inspiration comes from the landscape around me - wide sweeps of space, moorland and sea - as well as the detail of drystone walls, the swelling sea, rock formations, lichen and so much more.

“As well as this, the truly magical alchemy of the watercolour paints themselves continually excite and inspire - and painting ‘wet in wet’ affords the colours the greatest opportunity to add their own individuality to my work."

The exhibition runs from Saturday, July 20 to Sunday, September 1.

Phoebe Stewart, assistant curator at Old Gala House, told us: “We’re so happy that Linda is exhibiting with us.

"Her work is primarily of dramatic, windswept landscapes which are so wonderfully evocative of northern uplands and wild places.

“At Live Borders, one of our aims as a charity is to make lives happier, which we hope coming to this colourful exhibition will achieve.”