Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun!

Swash those buckles and shiver yer timbers, Funbox are sailing into Galashiels for the very first time to enjoy a Pirate Party and everyone is invited.

Funbox is the brain child of Gary Coupland, Anya Scott-Rodgers and Kevin Macleod (formerly of the Singing Kettle) who admit they were having far too much fun working together and entertaining families of Scotland and beyond to say goodbye.

Gary told us: “We wanted to carry on, not just for us but kids who loved coming to see us and the parents and grandparents who wanted to take their children. It seemed like too important a thing to let go."

It seems like fun is the operative word in Funbox as the gang can barely hide their excitement and love of performing.

Anya said: “We get to act like kids all day, who wouldn’t love to make a living out of that?

“During the week there are lots of what we call the ‘boring grown up stuff’ for the day to day running of the business, but as soon as the weekend hits and we’re performing its like having a second childhood all over again!”

When it was made clear that the Singing Kettle was not for sale the trio took their first steps into business.

Kevin explained: “We knew we could write songs, perform and make music, but none of us had any real experience of running a business.

"We just went into it head first.

"Our first tour, Pirates and Princesses was funded out of our own pockets and a Crowdfunding campaign that saw us raise over £20,000 in four weeks thanks to the support of our fans.

"We have been learning along the way which has been very hard work but so rewarding.”

Funbox offers the same traditional songs and silliness known and loved by many but with their own brand of manic humour with a modern twist.

Get ready to raise the flag and set sail for some nautical nonsense with Gary, Anya and Kevin in Pirate Party.

Everyone is encouraged to arrive at the Voplunteer Hall dressed as a pirate on Saturday (June 1).

The show starts at 2pm with tickets available from 01750 725 480 or Eventbrite.