The ‘Inspire Learning’ project has taken off with introductory sessions which received positive feedback from teachers.

The Scottish Borders Council (SBC) is starting to implement the digital learning scheme in schools after the summer.

Sessions have been made available for secondary teachers to familiarise with the technology that will soon enter their classrooms.

Secondary headteachers and their teams have also taken part in digital strategy development sessions ahead of the programme’s release in their schools.

SBC’s Executive Member for Education, Councillor Carol Hamilton said: “The sessions have been extremely positive with fantastic enthusiasm from the headteachers and their teams.

“This is an exciting time and a huge amount of work is taking place to ensure schools are being supported every step of the way.”

The project will be implemented over two years and includes plans for iPads to be provided to all P6-S6 pupils and one shared device per every five P1-P5 pupils.

All secondary teachers will be provided with iPads ahead of the summer break.

The programme wants to improve access to learning for all students and the teaching of digital skills.

Councillor Carol Hamilton added: “The provision of iPads is only one part of this. It is a much bigger programme of change and improvement which will see all schools fitted out with the latest technology, Wi-Fi, as well as training and development for teachers which will give them a vast range of new opportunities and skills.

“Teachers do a fantastic job day in day out across all our schools and this programme will simply enhance this great work.”

The programme is organised in collaboration with Apple, which is providing the core of the technology to be used.

Selkirk High is set to be the first school to be provided with iPads, with the roll-out planned to be phased.

Headteacher Jamie Bryson said: “When I initially saw the presentation from Apple, I knew this was something that was going to have a real impact on teaching and learning in the Borders. This is a fundamental programme which will propel us forward in a way which will see huge benefit for teachers and pupils.

“Since being involved in further development sessions, it is clear that momentum is really building, and we continue to be really motivated by the whole programme.

“We have already started to make good progress to plan for this being implemented in our school and are enjoying excellent clarity and support from the Apple team.”

Secondary teachers will receive training before pupils come back from the summer holidays, in order for them to be prepared ahead of using the technology in the classrooms.

Councillor Carol Hamilton said: “A key part of the Inspire Learning programme is to support secondary schools initially to develop digital strategies to ensure they can plan the implementation in their schools in order to maximise the benefits of having access to the latest, digital technology.”

The council has announced public events taking place in June to give all parents, carers and other interested parties the chance to go along to Area Partnerships to find out more about the programme.

These are being held on the following dates:

· Thursday, June 6 – Berwickshire

· Tuesday, June 11 – Teviot and Liddesdale

· Wednesday, June 12 – Tweeddale

· Wednesday, June 19 – Cheviot

· Thursday, June 27 – Eildon