PLANS to bring the historic Toll Banking in Selkirk back into community use are being mooted.

The steep banking at the northern entrance to the town was the traditional vantage point for watching the Standard Bearer arrive back in the town every Common Riding.

Thousands of Souters would pack the Toll banking to cheer home the cavalcade.

But health and safety fears led to council officials enforcing the Shawburn embankment as out of bounds for spectators in the mid 1990s.

And in 1998 the slopes were planted with bushes and hardy shrubs.

But now a consultation has been opened into reinstating the Toll banking.

A spokesman for Scottish Borders Council said: "The Shawburn Toll embankment was historically used by the general public as a viewing point for the Selkirk Common Riding.

"Prior to the 1998 Common Riding, it was deemed unsafe due to the poor state of the timber terracing along the steep angle of the slope and the lack of any suitable barriers.

"In 1998 options to reinstate the viewing point were explored. The embankment was planted with evergreen shrubs in the meantime.

"Selkirk Common Good are looking to establish the interest within the community of Selkirk to make improvements to or reinstate the Shawburn Toll embankment."

Selkirk Colonial Society bought the land in 1929 for £50 and presented it to the Town Council for the benefit of the people of Selkirk.

The consultation - which is available at - is open until August 21.