CONCERNS have been raised over a lack of parking near the proposed site for community trails in Galashiels.

As previously reported, funding was secured to kickstart the project and begin drawing up plans last year.

The drawings suggest the tracks begin near Galashiels Golf Club, run over the Glendearg area and into Langlee.

But at a meeting of the town's community council on Wednesday evening, developers admitted there was still work to do.

Designer Pete Laing said: "The plans have been pretty well received so far.

"We have had 1,200 likes and shares on our Facebook page and the vast majority of comments have been positive.

"We are now at the stage to bring our plans to Galashiels Community Council so we can take this project forward.

"We are really looking to get the views of people in the area. Car parking in particular is one of the greatest issues at the moment.

"There are great parking facilities at Langlee for evenings and weekends.

"But at the Ladhope end there aren't many spaces, apart from down by B&Q.

"There is the Heatheryett car park, but obviously the priority is for its main use at the cemetery.

"One of the options is to build a small car park, but it would have to be terraced and would cost money."

Community councillors raised concerns over the access to the trails, which are expected to cost up to £2million.

Tom Ingoldsby said: "I have raised this point before, but I would strongly object to parking up at the Ladhope side as it is mainly a residential area. There is better access at Heatheryett, but there would have to be enough spaces.

"I am also have big concerns about the access point at Langlee Mains as it is steep and winding.

"There is no parking there either."

A total of 19 members of the public attended the meeting on Wednesday.

And many also stated they were worried about the trails crossing roads such as Wylie's Brae.

But Mr Laing said safety measures could be installed at certain points.

He said: "In regards to the concerns over the speed of bikers, one of the things we can do where the trails exit, for example, is install fencing chicanes to slow the bikes down to walking speed.

"We have also looked at the possibility of installing a pump track near the Langlee Community Centre, which is great for kids.

"Every town in Britain wants one, but they can be expensive, sometimes costing up to £250,000.

"We want to hear the views of the public so we can take the project forward."

A final public consultation will be held at the Focus Centre on Friday, June 14 from 2pm until 7pm.