POLICE have vowed to clamp down on antisocial behaviour this summer.

Officers are expecting an increase in disorder and underage drinking during the Common Riding season. And they are appealing to parents to make sure they know where their children are.

In a report to Galashiels Community Council, the police said: “There is an increase in underage drinking during the Common Ridings.

“Often this leads to antisocial behaviour and disorder.

“People should be aware of where their children are and be sure they are not in possession of alcohol.

“Any incident will be investigated thoroughly and people will be charged.”

Latest police figures show a slight increase in antisocial behaviour over the past year.

The latest statistics, to be presented to Scottish Borders Council’s Safer Communities Board meeting on Friday, show there were 5,740 reports between April 2018 and March 2019.

That is 57 more incidents than the same period last year. The report states: “Antisocial behaviour remains a priority for police in the Scottish Borders, and we are currently reviewing our plans around the numerous events that take place over the summer to ensure that our response is proportionate.

“The majority of this work is carried out by our dedicated community beat officers with support from the Community Action Team through engagement, patrolling and enforcement, targeting antisocial behaviour caused by youths.

“After a successful trial, CCTV cameras are being deployed to assist with tackling antisocial behaviour and crime.

“Youth community officers continue to work in partnership to deter youth antisocial behaviour focussing this quarter on issues that arise during the holidays.”