MOTOR racing legend David Coulthard has confessed he doesn't like driving when he's not on the track.

The former Formula One star now helps transport his 10-year-old son Dayton to attend go-kart meetings throughout the UK as the youngster learns the art of motorsport.

But 48-year-old revealed he prefers to be in the passenger seat and let his Belgian wife Karen do the driving.

Coulthard MBE was speaking at the Borders Book Festival on Friday night to a 500-strong audience about his recently released book The Winning Formula, which details the highs, lows and business life in Formula One.

He spoke about how as a 14-year-old boy he sat down with his father Duncan saying he wanted to take karting more seriously and they came up with a life plan.

Coulthard said: "My dad talked me through going about a racing career and how I would be lucky to get 10 years out of it and after that going into commentating and being associated with the sport.

"It was a life plan and I followed it right through so I've done well out of it."

Coulthard from Twynholm, Dumfriesshire, said his son Dayton was now following in his footsteps and although like any other parent he has "daymares" about the dangers of the sport he has not tried to put him off it.

He explained: "I don't think I would have a leg to stand on if I told him not to do it.

"He is now 10 years old and is racing in Larkhall this weekend.

"He was doing his practice laps today.

"My mum and dad took me all over the country, down south and all over Europe, for kart meetings.

"I will need to take the role on of dad and go up and down the country with him.

"It involves driving him about all weekend from Friday after school to Sunday and then get them to school again on the Monday.

"But funnily enough I don't like driving.

"I do not have the attention span or the ability to drive at lower speeds, I am not a great driver.

"Since I am a law abiding citizen I don't do a lot of driving as a result of that.

"It is my wife who does the driving. I am a great passenger though!"

Since retiring from Formula One Coulthard - who won 13 Grand Prix in a glittering career - has carved out a career as a motor racing commentator and journalist.