SATURDAY morning's Tour of Ceremonies provides the perfect opportunity for Melrose to marvel at its colourful past.

Melrosian Ben Magowan and Festival Queen Liva McGillviray led the Principals party to the far reaching corners of the town's ancient boundaries to soak up its heritage and customs.

From the Mercat Cross, the Tour Party left for Newstead and Trimontium to meet the stone masons who built the historic abbey and the Romans who created a camp in the shadow of the Eildon Hills.

History dating back two millennia was played out before the eyes of the latest generation to call these lands their home.

Continuing their journey through time, the Festival Queen and her Court along with the Melrosian arrived at Gattonside, the site of the Monks' south-facing orchards during their residency at the nearby Abbey.

Following the customary sampling of the cherries, the Festival party headed to a more recent addition to Melrose's patchwork of the past, Abbotsford.

The home of Sir Walter Scott allows the Festival to honour the rich relationship between the great writer and his neighbouring town.

Darnick Peel is the next port of call during the morning pilgrimage.

The Border Reivers guarding the entrance to the fortified tower are a grim reminder of the lawless raids that blighted the Borderlands of the 15th and 16th centuries.

And to conclude the morning's meander through the centuries, the Festival party were met by the monks of the Abbey.

The founding charter from King David in 1136 is celebrated.

And a laying of flowers on the spot where Robert the Bruce's heart is buried within the cloisters pays tribute to another King's part he played in shaping Melrose.