EARLSTON Civic Week lived up to its billing as residents and visitors alike enjoyed a fantastic week.

From sports and fancy dress to a Grease tribute night, there was something on offer for everyone during a week of celebration.

After Saturday’s fancy dress, with an array of weird and wonderful costumes on display, a wonderful week culminated with the torchlit parade and fireworks at the Haugh.

Here are the results of the week’s competitive events.


Under-5 girls’ race: 1st Lily Cannon; 2nd Lucy Slater; 3rd Ella Braithwaite. Under-5 boys’ race: 1st Archie McDonald; 2nd Fergus Walker; 3rd Hunter Horsely. Girls 6-8 race: 1st Olivia Stewart; 2nd Mia Weatherston; 3rd Maisie Bailey. Boys 6-8 race: 1st Rory White; 2nd Jamie Stewart; 3rd Jamie Skilly. Girls 9-11 race: 1st Zoe White; 2nd Abbie White; 3rd Haley Gaffney. Boys 9-11 race: 1st Lewis Newton; 2nd Ryan Skilly; 3rd Sean Gaffney. Women’s race: 1st Lauren Rawlings; 2nd/3rd = Vivienne McDonald and Katie Nelson; 4th Becky Kinmont. Men’s race: 1st Ross Forbes; 2nd Tony Harkness; 3rd Scott White.

Girls 6-8 sack race: 1st Mia Weatherston; 2nd Olivia Stewart; 3rd Neve White. Boys 6-8 sack race: 1st Rory White; 2nd Charlie Miles; 3rd Jamie Skelly. Girls 9-11 sack race (a): 1st Zoe White; 2nd Holly Gaffney; 3rd Lily Cannon. Girls 9-11 sack race (b): 1st Zoe White; 2nd Rosie Peaty; 3rd Amy Bouache. Boys 9-11 sack race: 1st Calum Beattie; 2nd Kieron Hughes; 3rd Lewis Cockburn. Boys 11-16 sack race: 1st Shae O’Neill; 2nd Jay McGarva; 3rd Lewis Cockburn.

Under-5 boys & girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Calum & Wren Ferguson; 2nd Madison Elliot & Lucy Slater; 3rd Rosie & Kieron Brigg. 6-8 girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Josie Smith & Jojo Laidlaw; 2nd Maisie Bailey & Neve White; 3rd Mia Weatherston & Kyla Porteous. 6-8 boys wheelbarrow race: 1st Jamie Stewart & Jamie Skelly; 2nd Charlie Miles & Rory White; 3rd Mackenzie Elliot & Fergus Walker. 9-11 girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Holly Gaffney & Amy Bouache; 2nd Lulu Knuth & Olivia Stewart; 3rd Amelia Cessford & Zoe White. 11-16 Girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Madison Elliot & Jody Wade; 2nd Rosie Peatie & Katie Taylor; 3rd Amy Bouache & Georgia Laidlaw. Adults wheelbarrow race: 1st Scott & Greig Wight; 2nd Scott & Viv McDonald; 3rd Callum & Becky Smith.

Under-5 girls spoon race: 1st Rosie Briggs; 2nd Lucy Slater; 3rd Wren Ferguson. Under-5 boys spoon race: 1st Leon Scott; 2nd Leon Wilson; 3rd Hunter Horsely. 6-8 girls Spoon race: 1st Mia Weatherston; 2nd Josie Smith; 3rd Kyla Porteous. 6-8 boys Spoon race: 1st Rory White; 2nd Connor Slater; 3rd Kaden Cockburn. 9-11 girls Spoon race: 1st Amy Bouache; 2nd Amy Cessford; 3rd Lily Knuth. 9-11 boys Spoon race: 1st Sean Gaffney; 2nd Cameron Hyde; 3rd Kieron Hughes. 11-16 girls Spoon Race: 1st Georgia Laidlaw; 2nd Madison Elliot; 3rd Amy Bouache. 11-16 boys Spoon Race: 1st Sean Gaffney; 2nd Toby Niven; 3rd Shae O’Neill.

Adult tug o’war: Future Squad

Milestone Black Hill Race: Cup for overall winner: David Limmer. First woman: Charlotte Morgan. First male veteran (40+): Graham Murdoch. First female veteran (40+): Charlotte Morgan. First male Lauderdale Limper: Leah Parry. First female Lauderdale Limper: Chloe Summerfield. First Runner home from TD4: Neil Christie. First Jog-Earlston Man: Keith McCaa. First Jog-Earlston Woman: Lisa Dalgeish.

Milestone White Hill Race (ages 10-15): First Boy Home: Ewan Christie. First girl home: Isla Patterson

Duck race: First (£50): Hamish Oliver. Second (£30): Layton Hewie. Third (£20): John Ward (c/o Ivor Aitchison). Last home (£10): Hazel Walker.

Fancy Dress

Judges: Bill Byers, Sheena Byers, Tracy Ross (from Earlston Curling Club) Fiona Graham, Kevin Graham, Brian Turner (from Earlston Rhymers RFC).

Singles under 5 years: 1st Turfford Burn, Brandon Bellamy; 2nd Frosties, Fraser Nelson; 3rd= Tiger in the Jungle, Emily McCaskill and Pirate, George Swan

Singles 5-10 years: 1st Earlston’s Lost Scarecrow, McKenzie Elliot; 2nd Rubik’s Cube, Ezio Eneide; 3rd Cat in the Hat, Charlie James Miles. Groups up to 10 years (lead person named): 1st That’s not my …, Vivienne McDonald; 2nd Jurassic Park, Nathan Probyn Devenny; 3rd Earlston’s Baby Sharks, Michelle Whitake. Groups 11-16 years: 1st A Couple of Clowns, Elise Wood & Rosie Peaty. Adults with children: 1st Aladdin & 3 Wishes for Ercildoune, Fran Thom & company; 2nd Scare Wars, Lucy Marie McEvoy & Jim Cullen; 3rd Young and Auld Earlston, Papa Hugh Briggs & Rosie Briggs. Adult Singles: 1st Earlston’s Minder, Bob Austin; 2nd Too Many Scarecrows, David Lothian 3rd= Foxy Dingo, Rachel McKenzie, Earlston’s Worst Witch, Morag Sterrick. Adult Groups (lead person named): 1st Game on Thrones, Craig Bell; 2nd; Earlston Auld Masters, Black Bull; 3rd Earlston Auld Spice, George Cessford.

Sandy Blair Trophy (Best of all first-prize winners): Game on Thrones. Whitefield Cup (Best dressed singles 1 to 10): Earlston’s Lost Scarecrow. Committee Cup (Best singles & groups 11 to 16): A Couple of Clowns. Hazel Lyall Trophy (Most eye-catching in adult singles & groups): Earlston Auld Masters. Les Scott Trophy (Best in Groups up to 10 years): Jurassic Park. Joyce Ballantyne Trophy (Best adults with children): Aladdin & Three Wishes for Earlston.

Bowling Tournament, winning team: Callum Donaldson, Robert Beattie, Clark Turner, Eilidh Cockburn. 5-a-side football winning team (Cessford Shield): Melon FC. 5-a-side football (Youth) winning team: Jammie Dodgers. Car Treasure Hunt winners: The Edgers. Red Lion Trophy (Pool): Andy Biggar. Red Lion Trophy (Dominoes): Lee Watt. Red Lion Trophy (Darts): Stuart Bell. Civic Week Golf (at Lauder): Gents, Michael Scott, Ladies, Sheila Whiteford. Window Dressing (Movies theme): Lucky Finds. Quiz winners: Holy Moses - Rev Julie Rennick, Clare Milne, Graeme Cowe, Tom Burnham.

Pet show (owners in brackets)

Overall Winner: Bella (Eilidh Cockburn). Dogs over 1 year: Indy (Elise Wood) Bitches over 1 year: Tilly (Eva Baxter). Special award: Ollie, (Bradley & Summer Chambers). Hamsters: Cookie, Eva Baxter.