POLICE in Galashiels have called on a local supermarket to help them catch boy racers.

For months there have been reports made about young drivers gathering at the Tesco car park.

And now officers have asked the firm to take down registration details to help them track down the culprits.

PC James Harrison said: “We are still receiving calls about boy racers in the car park at Tesco on a Saturday night.

“It seemed to get better for a while, but the problem is still there. We are working with young people to teach them about safe driving and we have asked Tesco to keep us informed on what is happening.

“We have asked them to take down any registration plates of cars that are causing problems, or give us any faces from the CCTV cameras.”

PC Harrison also said he had recently given tickets to drivers for performing ‘doughnuts’ – spinning the car to produce circular marks on the ground – in the Netherdale area.