A LAW student reported the man who raped her to police after attending lectures on sexual assault.

The university discussions triggered painful memories about her ordeal in the Scottish Borders, a court has heard.

Jay Graham was detained by police over his crimes after the woman confided in her parents about what he had done to her.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was preyed upon by Graham between July 2006 and July 2011.

She was aged just eight-years-old when Graham started attacking her - he repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted the victim.

On Wednesday, judge Lord Armstrong was told that 25-year-old Graham was snared after the woman won a place to university to study law.

Prosecutor Angela Gray told the court: “The complainer attained a place at university to study law.

"Some of the classes that she was enrolled in - about evidence and sexual assault - brought back the memories of what happened to her as a child.

“The complainer was still living at home with her parents. Her behaviour changed, which was noticed by her parents who were suspicious that something was wrong and confronted her about that.

“The complainer eventually broke down in tears on November 20 2018 and told her parents about what had happened.”

The story emerged on Wednesday after Graham, of Kelso, pleaded guilty to two charges of rape and a charge of sexual assault.

The court heard how he attacked the girl at various locations in the Scottish Borders.

Ms Gray also told the court that after the girl made her admission, Graham was arrested by Police Scotland detectives on December 11, last year.

Ms Gray said that Graham admitted his crimes to officers.

She added: “After taking time to consider what she wanted to do, on November 22, the complainer reported the matter to the police.

“The accused was arrested on December 11.

"The accused was interviewed by the police and accepted the complainer’s account of what had happened.

“The accused’s position was that at the time of the incidents, he was not aware that his actions would be classed as rape.

“The accused stated that he felt disgusted and wished he could go back and stop himself from doing anything.”

The court heard that Graham had been diagnosed with type one Diabetes and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Defence advocate John Scullion QC told Lord Armstrong that his client wanted to accept responsibility for his wrongdoing.

Mr Scullion added: “He feels great shame about his behaviour.”

Lord Armstrong deferred sentence for the court to obtain reports on Graham’s background and character.

He will be sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh on August 27.