A TEENAGER who admitted six offences has been placed on supervision for the next two years.

Macadie Hibonne, 18, of Bright Street in Hawick, pleaded guilty to assaulting a male by striking him on the face and body in High Street, Hawick, on June 8.

She also admitted five other charges of police assault or obstructing offices in High Street and also Myreslaw Green, Hawick, on June 8 and June 24.

Depute fiscal Fiona Hamilton described how witnesses were in High Street, Hawick, at 2am on June 8 looking for Hibonne so they could get her home.

She was found by a man in the search party but she responded by shouting and spitting at him.

When police officers arrived on the scene they witnessed the spitting by the accused who was heavily intoxicated.

She also tried to spit on an officer five times but kept missing.

She was also involved in a confrontation with police on June 24.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said his client recognised it was distasteful behaviour and that her remorse was genuine.

He added: "She is pretty much terrified at the prospect of what could happen to her."

Sheriff Colin Dunipace imposed a Community Pay Back order with a supervision requirement for the next two years but warned Hibonne: "Any repetition of this and the Order will be revoked and the matter looked at again."