PLANS have been unveiled for lighting up Galashiels during the Braw Lads' chimes.

Community group Energise Galashiels hope to reignite a project first mooted a century ago by renowned architect, artist and poet George Hope Tait.

The industrious town councillor designed a bronze torch to be included as part of the War Memorial construction works.

The design included a mechanism where a glass flame would illuminate each evening at 8pm as the chimes of Braw, Braw Lads rang out.

A spokesman for Energise Galashiels stated: "This piece of artwork was brought to the attention of Energise Galashiels during their involvement in the Galashiels Remembers group, who organised events to mark the end of the First World War.

"Energise Galashiels are of the opinion that this proposed art work would serve as a legacy for the 2018 Gala Remembers Group and for the people of Galashiels as a further reminder of the human sacrifice during both World Wars."

Mr Hope Tait was part of the design group - which also included architect Sir Robert Lorimer, sculptor Thomas Clapperton and stonemason George Sutherland - responsible for the Galashiels War Memorial.

Although the torch design was warmly received, it was later dropped from the finalised plans due to costs.

Energise Galashiels now hope that, almost a century on, Hope Tait's bronze torch, which would feature the term often attributed to Sir Walter Scott 'watch weel', will finally be incorporated into the Burgh Chambers.

A Listed Building Consent application will be considered by Scottish Borders Council over the coming weeks.