A STRUGGLING local am-dram group is hoping help is at hand so the show can go on.

Denholm Drama Group has been putting on performances for 60 years.

But times are tough, as the group may now be forced to close, due to a lack of support.

In recent years, the local drama enthusiasts have had to cut short or completely cancel their tours, due to not having enough members to produce performances.

At the recent AGM an ultimatum was agreed... to either fold or make only last ditch attempt to rally support.

Alan Dowler Smith from Denholm Drama Group said: "Many of our regular members have left, for one reason or another, and the Group has been struggling for some years to find plays that suit a small number of actors, particularly men.

"Additionally, our backstage members are not getting any younger, and the logistics of transporting a portable theatre around the countryside are becoming unsustainable."

In the past, the group was somewhat a village staple.

Exactly when it was formed is unclear, but it was certainly around in the 1950s, when it performed in the old village hall.

The group's first recorded performances began in 1978 when pantomimes took place every year at the village primary school, often involving the school children.

But in 2006, a catastrophic fire put the group's future at risk.

The society's assets were totally lost, and with no insurance cover, the future looked bleak.

With generous donations from local organisations and grant aid from Scottish Borders Council, new equipment was purchased and the Group found a new role, touring local village and town halls, mostly performing one-act plays.

Now, 13 years on, the group are struggling once again, and are on the verge of disbandment.

Alan said: "It has been decided that as a last-ditched effort, a more robust recruitment drive will be carried out before September comes.

"However, if insufficient interest is expressed, with deep regret the group will close down for ever, bringing a sad end to more than six decades of service to the local community."

Anyone who wishes to register their interest in joining Denholm Drama Group should call Alan Bowler-Smith on 01450860311.