A BORDERS dad claims a faulty heating system in his housing association home has made his children ill.

Greg Sessions, of Yarrowford, near Selkirk, moved into the property at the beginning of the year.

But he claims he was met with a catalogue of issues including dodgy heating, leaks and bodged workmanship.

He contacted the Border Telegraph and told us: “We moved into the house in January and there has just been problem after problem. And most of it still hasn’t been fixed.

“For seven months we have had to put up with water leaking into the property. The place has been flooded 50 to 60 times, meaning we can’t put any carpets down.

“To begin with, there was an uncapped waste water pipe in the kitchen. We have also had to put up with a faulty heating system that kept turning itself on to 28.5 degrees every night.

“It wouldn’t go off unless you dismantled it and took all of the parts out. It was making my children ill. They were dehydrated and my 12-year-old was throwing up.

“They have had to take more time off school through illness living here, then they ever have before.

“The heating has only literally been fixed two weeks ago.”

Mr Sessions moved to the Borders from Midlothian to make a fresh start with his partner Kara.

He added: “My partner and I moved from Gorebridge because it wasn’t an area we were happy living in.

“But we have had so many problems with the house here.

“The first time we tried to open the patio door, it fell off. And it is still broken now.

“People have been out to try and fix it, but they do not have the correct parts. The house is only ten years old.

“I think we have been treated disgustingly.

“I am becoming seriously concerned as the winter is coming and I am worried we will not have everything sorted.”

Eildon Housing Association said it is working to resolve the issues.

A spokesperson told us: “We are aware of the concerns expressed by Mr Sessions and the joint tenant of this property and have been in dialogue with them to resolve these matters.

“All repair requests that have been logged with us have been responded to within the published timescales.”