THE new work of renowned Spanish artist Montse Herrera is being exhibited Galashiels.

The exhibition of paintings, entitled Wind Eye, opened in the Pringle Room at Old Gala House on Saturday.

In her work, Montse takes her inspiration from the existing relationship between ‘landscape, the body, the feelings, and the memory’, trying to spark an interaction between her work, viewers, and their own memories.

Montse told us: “This need to represent infinity has likely had a big impact on my way of painting.

"I work with overlapping layers, transparency, adding different shades to create a new set of tonalities and find textures that turn this space, this infinity, in something that we can almost touch and feel.”

Phoebe Stewart, Assistant Curator for charity Live Borders, is delighted that the colourful and thought-provoking works are being hung in Galashiels.

She said: “We’re thrilled that Montse is showcasing her work in the Pringle Room at Old Gala House.

"Through collaborating with artists, Live Borders is committed to meeting our charitable aims of making our communities happier, healthier, and stronger - and we find culture is a vital part of this process.”

Wind Eye will run until October 31.