SELKIRK'S community policeman believes he'd have a riot on his hands if he was to enforce a pavement parking ban.

This week the Commons' Transport Committee at Westminster has called for new legislation to outlaw vehicles being parked on footways.

The England-only plans follow on from the Scottish government's Transport (Scotland) Bill which already makes it an offence.

Wheelchair and mobility scooter users, as well as pram and buggy pushing parents, regularly have their way blocked by pavement parkers.

Despite local calls in Selkirk for police to start ticketing problem parkers, PC Conal McEwan said: "I could go round every street in Selkirk and there will be cars parked on pavements.

"Our streets were not designed to cater for the volume of cars we now have - where are residents supposed to leave their cars?

"If a car is causing an obstruction then it becomes a police matter but otherwise I don't think there's a lot we can do.

"If I issued a ticket to every car that was parked on a pavement there would be a lot of unhappy people in Selkirk - I'd have a riot on my hands."

As well as pavement problems, Selkirk Community Council was told that parked cars are still causing chaos on the High Street.

Many motorists ignore yellow lines and designated loading bay regulations.

PC McEwan added: "Single yellow lines and designated loading bays are for businesses only - they must not be used by the public.

"People have to park responsibly or think about the consequences of ignoring the restrictions. If a car is left where it shouldn't be it will get a ticket."