BORDERS MP John Lamont is joining a cross-party group set up to get a deal with the EU through Parliament.

Around 15 Conservative, Labour and independent MPs launched ‘MPs for a deal’ on Tuesday.

And the member for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk says he is signing up, in a bid to find an alternative to a no-deal Brexit.

Explaining his decision, Mr Lamont said: “I am a democrat, who was disappointed with the EU Referendum result.

"But I also think the result needs to be implemented and done so in a sensible way.

"That’s why I’m joining this cross-party group to get a deal approved by Parliament, get us out of the EU and move the country on. It is still not too late to agree a deal after the European Council summit next month.

"Too many of my colleagues have been guilty of a failure to compromise.

"I am happy to work with anyone from any party who shares my view that the best way to respect the referendum result is to leave the EU with a deal.

"I’d encourage local residents who want to deliver on the referendum to put pressure on other political representatives. Members of Parliament need to back a deal and let the country move on."