A NEW Scottish feature film from the pen of a Borders author has just been released on Amazon Prime as well as on DVD.

Dark Sense is based on the Amazon bestseller First and Only by Peter Flannery.

Flannery's novel tells the story of Simon, a young man with unique abilities.

He can see into the future and is connected to a serial killer who he knows he must stop, even if it means being his final victim.

The new independent thriller is the ambitious debut feature film of Scottish director Magnus Wake.

Wake told us: “We wanted to make a film set in Scotland that was about telling a great story, that would entertain.

"Scotland has a well-deserved reputation in creating films around social justice, but we also need to show we can punch above our weight in creating thrilling entertainment.”

Dark Sense was the largest crowdfunded film in Scotland in 2014 and was shot around Edinburgh three years later.

It features notable talent such as Shane O’Meara of Waterloo Road, Jim Sturgeon of Casualty, James Robinson the young Wallace from Braveheart, as well as guest stars Siobhan Redmond, Gordon Kennedy and Sanjeev Kohli.

The film has met with worldwide critical success winning awards in the US including Best International Film at the SENE Film Festival.

It was recently selected by FRIGHTFEST, the UK’s largest genre BAFTA festival which described the film as, 'A knockout, cleverly plotted, heart-pounding thriller'.