THE work of a Galashiels training provider will feature in a gritty documentary on mental health issues in the Borders.

And rural poverty is also on the agenda in the BBC programme to be screened on Tuesday.

Rapper Darren McGarvey has toured Scotland to explore the links between poverty and mental health.

Having already visited some of the toughest schemes in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, McGarvey turns his attentions to the Scottish Borders.

Part of his tour of the region includes a visit to the Works + centre in Galashiels.

Grant Pringle and Scott Wight from Works + along with 22-year-old client Johnny discuss the confidence-building training programmes on offer at the Focus Centre.

Presenter Darren also highlights the work of an equine therapy project in Eyemouth which helps teenagers struggling with self-harm, depression, anxiety and addictions.

And he meets a former lorry driver who has been living out of his car and contemplating suicide.

A BBC Scotland spokesperson said: "Why do people in such idyllic surroundings suffer from higher incidences of anxiety, depression, psychosis and so on?

"And is there a link between poverty and mental health?

"As Darren candidly recounts his own struggles with suicidal thoughts, addictions and ill mental health, he meets Glen, a self-confessed fashionista and long-distance lorry driver.

"After breaking up with his partner, his life began spiralling out of control.

"Before long he had lost his job and began living in his car, eventually attempting suicide.

"As Glen recounts his tale, the effect on Darren is palpable. His story clearly shows a worrying connection between poverty and mental health."

During the Borders episode of Darren McGarvey's Scotland, the presenter also meets a Tourette's sufferer whose mental health is becoming increasingly strained as he awaits a re-assessment of a key benefit.

Darren McGarvey's Scotland is broadcast on the BBC Scotland Channel at 10pm on Tuesday (October 1).