COMMITTING a series of offences on the day he was released from prison resulted in a Hawick man being sent back to jail for nine months.

Ricky Lee, 40, was making his way back to the Borders after getting out of Low Moss Prison.

But he arrived too late to collect the keys for the property to his home and went to a pub before heading to a superstore to get more alcohol.

Lee pleaded guilty at Jedburgh Sheriff Court to shouting and swearing and threatening staff at the Asda store in Galashiels on September 2 while on bail.

He also admitted behaving in as threatening or abusive manner and repeatedly striking the interior of a police vehicle in a journey between Galashiels and Hawick Police Station.

While at Hawick Police Station he was found in possession of a small amount of cocaine.

Defence lawyer Stephanie Clinkscale said her client had been remanded since September 3 in connection with the latest offences.

She explained how Lee had been released from Low Moss Prison on September having served a four month sentence and had been using public transport to get home via Glasgow, Edinburgh and Galashiels.

Ms Clinkscale said: "By the time he got to the Borders the office to where he was to collect his keys was closed. He went to the pub and had alcohol.

"In relation to the Asda incident he foolishly tried to buy alcohol after hours and reacted inappropriately.

"In the police van he said the cuffs were on him too tight and was complaining."

Lee was also sentenced in relation to breaches of a Community Pay Back Order.