A MOTORIST stopped by police on the A68 lied to officers by saying he was his twin brother in order to escape an insurance offence.

But police soon came across his brother Luke walking along the roadway and the truth soon emerged.

Declan Gallagher, 24, of James Court, Dunbar, pleaded guilty at Selkirk Sheriff Court to driving with no insurance and attempting to pervert the course of justice on the A68 north of Carfraemill on May 19.

Fiona Hamilton, prosecuting, said police received a report about the driver of a vehicle and were waiting for it at the Oxton junction on the A68.

She said: "Luke Gallagher was the registered keeper and insured party for the vehicle.

"But the driver declan Gallagher repeatedly said he was Luke Gallagher and gave false details to the police."

She explained he already had seven penalty points on his licence and was facing a mandatory six month ban.

Gallagher's lawyer said there had been a dispute between the brothers and Declan had decided to drive as he felt his brother was unfit to drive the vehicle.

He said:"He foolishly indicated to officers he was Luke Gallagher.  That pretence lasted nine minutes when the police came across Luke Gallagher walking along the road.

"He was well-intentioned at the start but turned foolhardy."

The court was told that Gallagher had lost his job as a car valetter as a result of the offence and was hoping to pick up seasonal work potato picking.

He was fined £250 and had six penalty points on his licence taking him over the 12 point limit and as a result a six month disqualification period.