NO need for the ear protectors next month when the MacArts stages two silent discos.

Instead of loud music being blared around the converted church, clubbers will be given headphones with music transmitted to everyone wearing the special headsets.

With the headphones, to those watching it appears to be a room dancing to no music.

During both silent discos there will be different channels of music broadcast so there's plenty choice for staying on the dancefloor.

As well as a family silent disco, which will run from 4pm to 6pm, there will be the BIG silent disco from 8pm to midnight.

Organiser Jilly Mackenzie told us: "We have ran silent discos at many festivals and weddings and the reaction from the guests has been amazing, we wanted to take the fun around Scotland and Galashiels is a great location with a perfect venue, we’ve had a great response so far.

"The silent disco phenomenon is growing with many venues now under strict noise pollution regulations, the wireless headphone option is a fun and functional solution.

"If you haven’t tried it before we urge you to come along and join the party”

The family event will feature a channel of Top 40 pop, dance-along favourites and a channel of classics for the parents.

The evening adult event will see three live DJs playing simultaneously with guests able to flick between them.

Both silent discos take place at the MacArts on Saturday, November 9.

Tickets for the family silent disco, priced at £5, and the Big silent disco, priced at £9 and £7, are available from