There was an air of excitement and purpose on Sunday, at Gordon community woodlands.

In a bid to reduce the excessive level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that has been blamed for creating a global climate emergency, families from around the central Borders gathered in the woodland to collect some of nature’s abundant autumnal supply of tree nuts and seeds, for future plantings.

More than 30 members of Extinction Rebellion Scottish Borders, took part in the event, collecting Oak acorns and Whitebeam, Rowan, Alder, Elder, Beech and Hazel nuts and seeds.

Forestry adviser and woodland manager Donald McPhillimy, chairman of A Greener Melrose, was on hand to teach everyone what to look for and explain how to prepare the seeds for planting.

Seeds, planting kits and instructions are to be handed out to the public at a giveaway outside Tesco Galashiels – from 10am this Saturday, October 19.

Details on Facebook@xrscottishborders.

Meanwhile, the message to everyone is, look out just now for seeds and nuts to collect whenever you’re out walking, in woods and parklands and don’t forget to check for any in your own gardens or local wooded paths.