BRINGING together pupils from across the Borders, alongside university students, Cashmere Collaborative's latest project is underway with a woolly outcome next year.

Pupils from the third-year Art and Design classes from Galashiels Academy, Earlston High School, Jedburgh Grammar and Berwickshire High School will compete in teams to produce two different scarves each by February, next year.

Each team will be supported by a couple of Heriot Watt students who are currently studying Design for Textiles and Fashion Communication.;

The four teams will pool their ideas together to design two separate scarves; one to be given to the winner of the Best Dressed category at the Kelso Races Ladies' Day and the other to be sold in the Abbotsford House Gift Shop, all in May 2020.

The collaborative is supported by Developing Young Workforce Borders and Sinclair Duncan. Sinclair Duncan are a Galashiels based business selecting the panel of judges to decide the overall winners and will also go on to manufacture the scarves between February and April next year.

Debbie Paterson, Co-owner and Co-founder of Sinclair Duncan Textiles Ltd., told us: "The Made in Scotland brand continues to be a huge selling point, especially in the USA where, despite the recent increase in trade tariffs, people are willing to pay a high price for a luxury cashmere scarf.

"It's therefore vital that we bolster and strengthen the supply chain here in the Scottish Borders and that starts with giving young people the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in how to take a product from concept to delivery, using local mills to manufacture the high quality product Sinclair Duncan is renowned for."

The competition asks competitors to showcase their design flair, understanding of weaving techniques and marketing and social media strategies. They'll have to create a storyline for their products, especially where both scarves are so different - the ladies' day scarf must be a showstopping look, a fashion statement, whereas the scarf to be sold at Abbotsford should be sophisticated and lean more towards the traditional Sinclair Duncan brand.

During the lead-up to Christmas, pupils will spend time in workshops with Heriot Watt and visit local mills before finalising their designs in the new year.

The winning team will be announced on Friday, February 28, 2020.