On Saturday, November 2, seven volunteers cleared rubbish along the Bakehouse and Mossilee Burns in Gala Policies. The group collected seven bin-bags of litter (31kg), a four-wheeled rollator, a broken wooden chair, an old washing line pole, a rotary washing line, a variety of metal tubes, 3m of black plastic pipe, and a set of loppers.

The project organiser, Alastair Lings said: "The Bakehouse Burn was looking very good due to the work of the Gala Policies Group. We were disappointed to find the big items of rubbish dumped in or by the Mossilee Burn which runs near the flats on Balmoral Avenue. We last cleaned that stretch of the burn in May 2015."

One of the volunteers, Sister Starr Brown of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Cedar City, Utah, said: "I feel God smiles down on those who appreciate and take care of His creations".