BOOKDONORS, a not-for-profit social enterprise in Tweedbank is asking for help as it faces increasing running costs.

Barry Graham, managing director of Bookdonors told us: "Back in August 2017, Amazon effectively increased their fees from 15% to 30% of Gross Sale Value.

"This has since put Bookdonors through enormous financial strain and resulted in over £100,000 of operating losses in 2017/2018 and has continued to have a big impact into 2019, despite the team’s best effort to stabilise the business."

Bookdonors' customer service and collections manager, Emma Graham, added: "This past year in particular has been the hardest.

"We've been fighting but we're still here.

"All these costs have a knock-on effect. We're looking to open a shop but the uncertainty has put that on hold for now."

As well as the emergency funding, Bookdonors are asking the Borders community to offer a helping hand.

Bookdonors have set up a crowdfunding page with a target of £100,000 to cover the growing costs.

Emma explained: "This support gets us back on track while we implement our new business plan from Just Enterprise."

Bookdonors has been operating for nearly 15 years in the Borders, collecting old books and giving them a new lease of life.

It also provides new opportunities for people who are currently out of work. Through groups like Momentum, Works+ and the Job Centre, people can work in the warehouse either on a voluntary basis to regain confidence in the workplace or as a paid employee.

Bookdonors' stock mainly comes from charity shop collections, moving unsold books to its online stores, its Books For All project or to a recycling facility - never landfill.

The Books For All project is the opportunity for Bookdonors to give back to the community by donating books to local school libraries and community groups.

Emma added: "We do what we do to help people.

"If we can help people into employment, that's a success."

Bookdonors also accept book donations from the public. Drop any books off at the warehouse at Block 18 (Mid Unit), Tweedbank Industrial Estate, TD1 3RS.

To donate to Bookdonors' crowdfunding page, visit