THE streets and green spaces of Innerleithen should soon be dog poo free thanks to a campaign by Innerleithen Community Council.

It’s a problem that blights towns and villages up and down the country, but there will soon be no excuses for foul play by dog owners with new bins with bag dispensers being located around the town.

Following successful funding from the Localities Bid, bins have now been delivered and are ready to be installed.

Community councillor Jackie Couchman updated members of the community council on progress with the project.

The operation of removing the old bins and installing the new ones with dispensers, as well as the timetable for collecting waste and replenishing bags has been agreed with Scottish Borders Council.

Locals are being encouraged to report anyone plundering dog poo bags and also dog walkers they witness not picking up after their pooch.

A local resident said that dog fouling at the Strand had gotten worse over the last month and there reports of daily dog doo on Maxwell Street and Damside

Mrs Couchman said: “At this time of year it always becomes worse under the cover of darkness but equally there are a lot of people that are diligent and do pick up.

“We’ve got to keep on top of it. It’s one of those things that won’t stay good so we must keep up the pressure on or it will slip.”