A GALASHIELS councillor has written to Primark chiefs to ask them to consider opening a shop in the town.

Last week the retail giant announced it will open 18 new stores this year.

And Euan Jardine (Cons) wants one of them to be in Galashiels to create a resurgence in Channel Street.

He told the Border Telegraph: "I have been concerned as have others with the vacant properties on Channel Street. 

"In particular the larger ones which are harder to fill. 

"So to help channel street and the regeneration of Galashiels, I contacted Primark and a number of other retail stores a few weeks ago. 

"I have advised them that Galashiels is the main shopping town in the Borders and also closely connected to Midlothian with an excellent train link. 

"It would make sense to have a store like Primark in the Borders which would service both regions. 

"I really hope we can create a resurgence in Channel Street with the Tapestry coming soon."

Border Telegraph:

^ Councillor Jardine

Primark has officially announced the first 12 locations of the new stores.

They include four in France; one in Belgium; one in Spain; one in Italy; one in Germany; one in Poland and one in the United States.

And the company will also open shops in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

A spokesperson for Associated British Foods PLC, which owns the chain, said last week: "We expect to open 18 new stores together with a number of relocations.

"Trading at our first store in eastern Europe, in Ljubljana, Slovenia has exceeded expectations. 

"As previously announced, we will enter the Polish market with a new store in Warsaw in spring 2020, followed by a store in Prague, Czech Republic. 

"We have now also signed leases for a further store in Poland, in Poznan, and for our first store in Slovakia, in Bratislava which will take Primark to its fifteenth country."