RECORDS were smashed on Sunday as the biggest ever Selkirk Haggis Hunt took place.

No fewer than 567 hunters were counted on the Hill breeding grounds at 11.30am.

And they managed to net, catch and tackle more than 700 of the normally elusive creatures.

Having started more than 20 years ago by concerned conservationists at the Town's Arms pub, the haggis hunt and year-round breeding programme has continued to grow to become the biggest project of its kind in the world.

Matthew Burgess, Chieftain of the Selkirk Haggis Hunt, told us: "We were all amazed last year when we had more than 500 hunters for the first time, but this year we have even more.

"This is a testament to the small group in the Town's Arms who wanted to revive the age-old tradition of haggis hunting."

At the customary 11.02am the hunters were piped from the town's Market Place by Alan Lindsay.

The town's fire engine also led the procession along the High Street and up Dovecot.

As has become tradition, to bring good luck on the Hill, the hunters enjoyed a Haggis Polka outside the Argus Centre.

Musicians young and old from Riddell Fiddles provided the toe-tapping melodies.

And then it was on to the serious business of preventing a haggi over-population ruining the hillside breeding grounds.

For more than an hour the 567 hunters - beating the 2019 record of 501 by some way - searched high and low for Scotland's most famous delicacy.

Although exact catch numbers remained sketchy, organisers believe close to 750 were caught.

Louise Stephen, mine host of the Town's Arms, said: "It's fair to say that we've had our biggest ever catch.

"As long we protect the breeding grounds there will be a healthy supply of haggi each year."

Visitors had come from all over the Borders to take part in the the Selkirk Haggis Hunt.

Chieftain Burgess believes the annual event will continue to grow.

He added: "I'm not sure if it's the silliness of the hunt or just getting out in the fresh air for a morning that appeals the most.

"One thing is for sure, there won't be many haggis hunters going hungry tonight."