SCOTLAND'S oldest inhabited house is opening the door to artists who can plant a few secrets.

Traquair House, which has several secluded staircases and hidden doorways, wants to add some confusing entrances to its already mind-blowing maze.

The maze already sets itself apart from others by being the largest in Scotland.

And to add to the confusion for visitors, plans are under way to celebrate 40 years since it was planted by including a few new secret doors.

Catherine Maxwell Stuart, 21st Lady of Traquair, explained: "As we approach the 40th anniversary of the planting of the maze we thought we would like to celebrate by putting a call out for artists to design and install up to five hidden doorways in the Maze.

"These could be false doors, real doors, tiny doors or fantasy doorways that will add an extra dimension or perhaps element of confusion to visitors trying to navigate their way around.”

Since it was planted in 1981, the maze has been visited and admired by thousands of adults and children every year, making it one of the main attractions at the estate outside Innerleithen.

Its size also makes it the perfect hiding place for 6,000 mini eggs that are hidden for Under 10s to find and enjoy as part of the annual Easter Extravaganza.

It has also been used as a film location for a Bollywood film and a CBBC series, as well as being the venue for proposals of marriage and even a wedding.

Throughout 2020 Traquair is exploring its 'hidden histories'.

As well as creating additions to the maze, the estate will also celebrate more than a century of hiding and disguising during the Stuart family’s allegiance to the Jacobite cause.

As Roman Catholics they were forced to hide their religious beliefs and political allegiances from the Protestant authorities.

To apply to create one of the Traquair Maze doors applications can be made via the website at before April 10.

The installation, along with a supporting exhibition, will be opened in September.