A NEW author has set his debut novel in Scotland - after falling in love with the Borders during a holiday.

Sam Bartram has just released Finny's Star to widespread critical acclaim.

The history graduate from Norfolk admits much of his book's appeal is its setting.

He said: "When writing Finny’s Star, I was inspired to set the novel in Scotland after enjoying a particularly memorable family holiday in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.

"In my opinion, there is no other part of the British Isles that can provide such beautiful scenery aligned with uniquely characterful towns and villages.

"Peter, the main character in the story falls in love with Scotland in the same way that me and my family did."

Finny’s Star is a mystery and adventure novel for children, aged between nine and 13, and is set on a the fictional island of Orskis.

The children's novel has already featured in Amazon’s top 50 bestselling Mysteries and Detective stories for Children.

Sam added: "With Finny's Star, my intention was to create a story that the whole family could enjoy together.

"Finny’s Star is a classic adventure story, with a cast of eccentric and larger-than-life characters.

"It is also very much a study in friendship and the important role that friends play in our lives.

"I am very excited and proud to have finally realised the ambition of a lifetime in writing this book.”