A CARER from Galashiels has been given a two-year warning by the national regulator after failing to declare recent court convictions.

Megan Lett was convicted of attacking man in August 2017 at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

The care worker had not only attempted to slap and punch the victim but she'd also brandished a bottle and a knife.

She was also convicted of destroying property and smashing a window.

Because Lett didn't declare her convictions to the Scottish Social Services Council, she was pulled up in front of a disciplinary hearing in November.

And this week the Council issued its findings.

A spokesperson for the SSSC said: "Social service workers should not put themselves or other people at unnecessary risk of harm and they should not behave in a manner outside of work which would bring into question their suitability to work in the social services sector."

A warning will remain on Lett's registration for the next 24 months.

On announcing the punishment, the spokesperson told Lett: "Your behaviour was erratic and violent in nature and has resulted in criminal convictions.

"The behaviour placed a member of the public at risk of both physical and emotional harm. The behaviour took place in a public place and therefore, may have placed members of the public at risk of emotional harm.

"In failing to declare your convictions to the SSSC, you have failed to be open about your circumstances and this failure to declare fell below the standards of practice expected.

"The violent nature of the behaviour calls into question your suitability to be registered with the SSSC."