SELKIRK will have a new upgraded and improved CCTV system by the summer.

Just a week after members of Scottish Borders Council narrowly voted to decommission its own cameras across the region, community leaders in Selkirk have announced they are almost ready to begin installing their own.

And they could soon be followed by communities in Hawick and Newcastleton.

Local councillor Caroline Penman said: "The good news is that we are going ahead with the CCTV.

"We have the quote and the plans have been widely accepted, so we are now just finalising the finances and we should be up and running by the summer.

"We've already had enquiries from Hawick and Newcastleton about what we are doing and they are interested in something similar."

Council officials estimated a replacement CCTV system for the Borders would cost close to £700,000.

But, although no figures have been provided, Selkirk BIDs who are leading the replacement plans state their system is being installed at a fraction of the price suggested by the local authority for each town.

Instead of the dated and unreliable five camera system which currently focusses on Selkirk, the new digital system will have eight advanced rotational cameras.

And month-long recordings will be stored on equipment in the Victoria Halls for police to access whenever required..

Councillor Penman added: "These new cameras can zoom in and be remotely rotated.

"The police will have access to footage on their hand-held devices and there will be four-weeks of recorded materials for officers to look at as well.

"The good news is Selkirk will still have CCTV and it's not costing anything like what the council was suggesting last week."