TWEEDDALE councillors are backing Innerleithen Community Council who say a residential playpark must not be scrapped as it will impact the neediest families.

Plans to close 11 small playparks in Tweeddale have hit the brakes with discussions taking place between elected members and council officers regarding the possibility of retaining some facilities in towns and villages.

Last month, Chairman of Innerleithen Community Council Marshall Douglas and community councillor Jackie Couchman, visited the playpark at Caddon Court which is under threat.

They say the equipment should be retained as they fear the children living within that area will suffer the most if it is axed.

Tweeddale Councillors are in discussions with community councils to ask their views on which parks should be saved.

Commenting of the Caddon Court and Memorial Hall Garden playparks, community councillor Jackie Couchman, said: “Marshall and I were at Caddon Court a little while ago and the play equipment is relatively modern there.

"The one at the Memorial Hall is used on a very regular basis but in terms of what should be there, I fully accept that perhaps what’s there isn’t best but it shouldn’t just be taken away and grassed over, I think some facility should be made.”

Councillors Stuart Bell and Robin Tatler said they would be making a case for keeping the Caddon Court playpark.

But Councillor Bell warned that some facilities would inevitably be scrapped.

“We’re in the situation where within the constraints of the budget there are certain decisions that have to be taken in respect of the playparks. We are going to have a conversation with officers about what we consider to be the priorities and we are going to discuss is the issues that are associated with that.

“We are being told that it will not be possible as a result of these conversations for all of the playparks to be retained and we are going to make a case in respect of those who have got concerns.

"Without prejudging Robin and I understand your concerns about the facilities at Caddon Court.”